Judicial Council of the California Association of Black Lawyers Endorse Judges Cheng, Karnow, Lee, and Ross

The Judicial Council of the California Association of Black Lawyers (CABL), an autonomous section of CABL that is comprised of judicial officers holding office throughout California, hereby endorses the candidacy of Judge Andrew Cheng, Judge Curtis Karnow, Judge Cynthia Ming-mei Lee, and Judge Jeffrey Ross, who are being challenged in the June 2018 primary election in San Francisco.

These experienced judges are competent, compassionate, fair, and principled. They have distinguished themselves through both their professional achievements and community involvement. They deserve to remain on the bench.

Challenges to judges because of lawful rulings they have made or because they were appointed by a particular governor only serve to undermine judicial independence and to politicize our courts. Moreover, such challenges pose a threat to judicial diversity and its corresponding equal access to justice that the Judicial Council of CABL and other groups and individuals have worked tirelessly to achieve.

As California Supreme Court Justice Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar recently opined, California “will be ill-served if communities embrace the idea that judges appointed in a particular county by a certain governor should be targeted simply because either that governor or the governor’s party happens to be unpopular locally.”

As part of our mission to eradicate all forms of bias, we support and defend the independence of the judiciary and reject partisan attacks on qualified judges.