Retain Our San Francisco Superior Court Judges

Judges Andrew Cheng, Curtis Karnow, Cynthia Lee and Jeffrey Ross are fair, hardworking and experienced judges who understand and have served our community honorably — both on and off the bench. They are all Democrats with extensive experience and deep community ties. We need your help to take a stand and retain our judges.

Judge Andrew Cheng

As a Chinese American with deep ties to the community, Judge Andrew Cheng relishes the opportunity to work every day to make the world a little bit better with good decisions. A lifelong Democrat, former Deputy City Attorney and Assistant U.S. Attorney, Cheng gives back to the community through mentoring, teaching and civic outreach. Learn more

Judge Curtis Karnow

The son of an abstract expressionist painter and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Curtis Karnow grew up in Hong Kong and came to the United States for school in the 9th grade. Known for his expertise in complex litigation, Karnow is an acclaimed author, mentor and teacher who has developed courses for judges and lawyers on implicit bias in the courts. Learn more

Judge Cynthia Ming-mei Lee

Judge Cynthia Ming-mei Lee was the first Asian American woman Presiding Judge in San Francisco history. A single mother who raised two sons in San Francisco, she is committed to providing equal access to the court for all citizens and ensuring equal justice. Learn more

Judge Jeff Ross

A San Francisco resident since 1976 and a lifelong Democrat, Judge Jeffrey Ross has dedicated his life to his family, to serving his clients and now to the court and local community. Learn more